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Membership meeting (first!)

(As always, you can add the Lower Barriers membership meeting to your calendar using the link.)


The very first meeting of Lower Barriers.

Rather than the planned meeting to review by-laws, budgets, and other verbiage, we’ll use this time to review the existing State-approved documentation, brainstorm and prioritize projects, divvy up some work in the repositories, and other semi-pertinent things.

The second membership meeting, in October, will be when we’ll ensure all our operational requirements are officially accounted-for and approved.


  1. Greetings and introductions
  2. Quorum and roll call
  3. Review of articles of incorporation
  4. Brainstorm projects
  5. Call for volunteers
  6. Summation (what to expect next month)

Optionally, if the membership is comfortable electing officers outside the confines of approved by-laws, we can hold elections tonight. Otherwise, Brad will operate as a presiding officer and secretary until such time as the by-laws are approved and elections held to comply with said by-laws.


These minutes have not yet been approved by the membership at the following meeting after a review. This bolded section will be updated following the subsequent meeting to indicate approval status.