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(As always, you can add the Lower Barriers membership meeting to your calendar using the link.)


The monthly membership meeting of Lower Barriers.


  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call
  3. Call for member comments
  4. Previous meeting agenda
  5. Financial report
  6. Old business
    • Fundraising event committee business
  7. New business
  8. Call for member comments
  9. Adjourn


These minutes have been approved by the membership at the July 26, 2022 meeting.

Lower Barriers membership meeting

Board present: Brad Czerniak, Hillary Lewandowski, Randall Thomas

Board absent: (none)

Members/guest attending: Greg Lewandowski

  1. Call to order (7:00 PM by Randall)
  2. Roll call: Just us (7:01 PM)
  3. Call for member comments: None (7:01 PM)
  4. Approve previous meeting agenda (7:02 PM, Hillary moved, Randall seconded)
  5. Financial report (7:03 PM, nothing new to report)
  6. Old business
    • Fundraising committee – nothing to report (7:04 PM)
  7. New business (7:04 PM)
    • Brad reported that he got the email to do the annual postcard (7:05 PM)
  8. Call for member comments (7:05 PM)
  9. Adjourn (7:05 PM. Randall called)